EMT Die-Cast Zinc Compression Connectors and Couplings
October 9, 2023
LED Floodlight
October 14, 2023

Today’s Tip – Oct 10

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Hello, Cagayan de Oro City! We’re back with more tips to help you conserve energy and reduce your electricity bills. Today’s focus is on your appliances:

Tip of the Day: Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances

Consider replacing older, energy-hungry appliances with newer, energy-efficient models. Look for the ENERGY STAR label, which signifies top-notch energy efficiency. These appliances consume less electricity, which translates to long-term savings and a lighter environmental footprint.

By making this eco-conscious choice, you’ll modernize your home while making a positive impact on your budget and the planet.

Have more energy-saving questions or need electrical solutions? Reach out to SHARP ELECTRICAL SUPPLY, INC. today at 0956-792-1241. Together, let’s make Cagayan de Oro City a hub of energy efficiency!

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